Posted on 15/10/2014 in News 32 2014
LEONI uses PolyOne PIN FR ECCOHTM in cables

LEONI Special Cables GmbH has adopted ECCOH™ low smoke and fume, non-halogen (LSFOH) flame retardant polymers from PolyOne to improve durability and function of specialist communications cables for oil and gas production installations. “The cable sheathing formulation developed by PolyOne helped us to produce tougher, more chemically resistant cables for extreme conditions, while also meeting our high standards for quality and enabling strict regulatory compliance,” said Peter Gerstenberger, vice president for Industrial Solutions at LEONI.

PolyOne worked directly with LEONI to develop a solution offering the particular chemical resistance and durability required for the specific cable application.

“PolyOne ECCOH™ Solutions help specialty cables from LEONI surpass performance goals”, 7th July 2014
PolyOne ECCOHTM high performance solutions (LSFOH low smoke and fume, non-halogen)
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