Posted on 21/02/2018 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction News 32 2018
Low shrinkage PIN FR fibre optic cable jacket

Teknor Apex, a global leader in custom polymer compounder, has added an additional halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) compound to its range of performance cable jacketing compounds.
Halguard® 58625 is adapted for optic cable jacketing, in applications such as mass transit, data centres and infrastructure. Sunlight resistance to UL-1581 enables outdoor use.

The compound achieves UL94-V0 at 1.6 mm and oxygen index 50% fire performance, with only 2% post-extrusion shrinkage. This new compound adds to Teknor Apex existing Halguard® 58620 which offers UL94-V1, see pinfa Newsletter n°62.

“Low-Cost HFFR Jacket Compound for Fiber Optic Cable Combines Enhanced Flame Retardance with Low Post-Extrusion Shrinkage”, 4/1/2016


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