Posted on 26/03/2019 in 2019
Lubrizol launches non-halogen FR polymer

Lubrizol (Performance Coatings) has launched a new non-halogen, self-crosslinking acrylic-based flame retardant polymer technology, Hycar NH3069, which imparts both fire resistance and mechanical performance to materials including textiles (cotton, synthetic fibres), paper, and glass fibers. The waterborne product can be applied in a variety of methods including padding, knife coatings, gravure, and screen printing. The applied product is water durable to TAPPI T461 extraction method. Potential applications include air filtration media, wall paper, interior decorations, transport textiles, and upholstered furniture. Fire performance DIN 53438 (parts 2 & 3), NFPA 701 (vertical) and MVSS302 (horizontal) are achieved on treated materials. The material is not Classified under GHS.

“Lubrizol Introduces Non-Halogen FR Technology – Flame Retardant Performance Without Additives”, 5 February 2019 and product information

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