Posted on 28/03/2018 in News 32 2018
Media controversy over child car seat burn incident

A Texas mother posted online photos of a burnt car seat, claiming that she was taking her daughter out of the seat on parking when she saw smoke coming from it. She indicated that the incident, which left burn holes in the seat fabric, had been started by sun in a mirror placed on the rear seat to enable her to see the child whilst driving.

Media have however asked why she did not use a specific safety mirror placed near the roof (less likely to catch the sun). Although media refer to a “fire” it seems the seat did not in fact catch fire, but it is not clear whether this is because it was resistant or because the mother intervened in time.

“Horrified mother shares a panicked warning with other parents after her child’s car seat caught FIRE in the sun …” Daily Mail 30/1/18


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