Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019
MGG Polymers

Arthur Schwesig, MGG Polymers presented the company’s activities as an ‘urban miner’ of waste materials, specialised in post-consumer E&E wastes. Recycling is complex, because E&E wastes contain over 150 different polymers, containing a wide range of additives. Brominated flame retardants are a significant problem, because plastics containing them must be separated and incinerated, with high costs. OEMs are looking for polymers made of recycled materials to respond to requirements of public purchasing (EPEAT, GPP) or labels. MGG offers Blue Angel certified recycled polymers (EuCertPlast). Successful examples include Nespresso coffee machine, Trodat stamp using recycling ABS and Orange ‘box’ using recycled PC/ABS. As an example, Mr. Schwesig presented the development by MGG of a new recycled polymer from 100% post-consumer lighting PC, which is transparent so allowing all colours for the manufactured PC/ABS. OEMs do not want brominated substances, so a phosphorus FR is used, completed by additives for anti-dripping and cooling (preventing afterburn). Development requires identifying and organising the stream of appropriate secondary materials, testing different additives to ensure UL94-V0 (1.6 mm) and GWIT 800°C as well as mechanical and electrical properties and reliable colour. UL CRI (Certification Requirement Investigation) is then implemented to establish the reliable testing of quality and characteristics for the yellow card listing.

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