Posted on 10/05/2019 in Electric & Electronic 2019
MilesTek LSZH cables for demanding applications

Specialised in manufacture of products for military, aviation, broadcast and telecom industries since 1981, MilesTek is part of the Infinite Electronics group, offering electronic components and technical support. MilesTek has launched a range of LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) PIN FR cables including D-subminiature video, USB 3.0 and mains leads. These are adapted to confined spaces, military and aviation specifications, and other applications where protecting people and equipment from toxic smoke and corrosive gases is important.

“MilesTek Debuts Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen DSub Cable Assemblies for Military Applications”, 19 October 2017, “MilesTek Launches New Line of Power Cords with Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Jackets”, 8 March 2018, “MilesTek’s New USB 2.0 Cables Combine LSZH Jackets with Latching Connectors”, 8 May 2018

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