Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Mormon Innovation & Technology

Andrew Meyer, Mormon Innovation & Technology – Increasing industry interest in LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) is being driven by a combination of obligation to fulfil regulatory requirements or customer specifications in some applications and image perception.

However, industry also tends to resist change, because of the difficulty and delay for obtaining new product qualifications (e.g. military, nuclear) or because of cost and risk of modifying product and process. Standards for e.g. electrical insulation durability are currently not the same across the world whereas global harmonisation is anticipated, leading to uncertainty about future requirements. On the other hand, EU regulations (REACH, RoHS) are driving product choice worldwide. An important challenge identified by Mormon Innovation is to develop PIN FR intumescent solutions effective in cross-linked thermosets. This AMI conference enables to see new developments in PIN FRs, to dialogue with other sectors facing similar formulation challenges and to update regulatory perspectives.


Mormon Innovation & Technology is the research division of Gendon Polymer Services  in particular, supplying wire and cable for engineering and specialist applications including oil and gas, military and industry, with a polymer range from polyethylene through to PEEK.
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