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Green solutions for polymer fire safety

“Polymer Green Flame Retardants” (Elsevier, 924 pages, September 2014) is a new reference work on fire safety of modern performance materials: “a thorough review of polymer flame retardancy, with emerging, effective and applicable strategies for commercially viable green fire-proof materials”. The book addresses:

Comparing fire safety performance with toxic and environmental hazards: when do the fire safety benefits of using (PIN) FRs outweigh the toxicity risks?
Drivers for replacement of halogenated flame retardants
Different families of PIN FRs: phosphorus based, nitrogen based, inorganic minerals (aluminium, magnesium, calcium, boron, silicon, clays …), nano PIN FRs
Stabilisation (light and oxidation stabilisation) of polymers containing new PIN FRs
Fire safety treatment of different polymer materials, in particular plant oil based polymers, natural fibres
Influence of flame retardants and nanomaterials on fire toxicity
Recycling of end-of-life plastics containing FRs
Life Cycle Assessment of flame retardants and nanomaterials


“Polymer Green Flame Retardants”, Ed. C. Papaspyrides and P. Kiliaris, Elsevier ISBN 978-0-444-53808-6, 924 pages, September 2014, 124€

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