Posted on 15/10/2014 in News 32 2014
Polymers in electronics (E&E)

A short video extract of the SKZ “Polymers in E&E applications” conference 2014 can be seen online (in German)

Michael Roth, Technical Manager for Thermoplastics, BASF emphasises the importance of flame retardants in a wide range of electronics applications, particularly as polymer parts and casings are made thinner, with fire safety and structural challenges.

FRs must meet colour constraints for pale coloured materials, whilst customers are looking for simplified solutions using only one compound. He confirms the trend towards halogen-free flame retardants, accentuated by a trend of substituting antimony trioxide in E&E in the home. Jürgen Stebani, CEO of PolyMaterials AG, underlines the importance of flame retardants for achieving fire performance in modern composite materials, such as glass fibre reinforced polymers.

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