Posted on 15/11/2014 in News 32 2014
Perkins+Will alternative fire safety solutions for buildings

Global architecture and design company Perkins+Will has published a 60-page White Paper on the design of healthier buildings without compromising fire safety or safety code compliance. The document includes a list of 193 flame retardants used in buildings. The report emphasises alternatives to halogenated flame retardants, including PIN flame retardants and other solutions, such as inherently flame retardant textile polymers.

Seven categories of products are specifically addressed: insulation, upholstered furniture, textiles, carpets, steel, electronics and wood. The report notes that mineral flame retardants for textiles, carpets and for wood are of low health and environment concern and that non-halogenated fire safety solutions are available for protection of steel (intumescents) and for electronics. Mineral and nitrogen (amine) flame retardants are identified as advantageous because they are not taken up by organisms and are not bioaccumulative.

“New research by Perkins+Wills identifies alternatives to flame retardant building materials”

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