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FIVE 2014 – fire safety in vehicles

Jérôme De Boysere, Thor, and Elke Schlosser, Clariant, represented pinfa at FIVE (3rd International Conference on Fires in Vehicles), 1-2 October 2014, in Berlin Some 160 participants from 18 countries discussed fire safety in transportation, including new fire standards (EN 45545 for trains, updated UN ECE 118 for buses), fire investigations, materials / fire load, ignition sources, fire detection and suppression (active fire safety), fire risks of transport fuels (CNG, biogas, electric vehicles).

Speakers underlined the deficits in fire safety regulations for most road vehicles, such as cars and buses. French railways (SNCF) reacted to videos of fires in buses and coaches, showing flames shooting from the windows, by reminding that fire safety standards in railway stock prevent such risks and asking the question as to why such lax fire standards in coaches and buses are tolerated by governments, vehicle manufacturers and operators and by the public. Some progress has been made in UN ECE standards for buses (Reg. 107 makes fire detection and suppression equipment mandatory in engine rooms, but only for long-range coaches, not city-buses. Reg. 118 now requires vertical fire testing of some materials instead of FMVSS302). However, there are still no heat release requirements (limiting fire development and intensity) and no smoke toxicity criteria in place.

FIVE (3rd International Conference on Fires in Vehicles), 1-2 October 2014, Berlin

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