Posted on 15/02/2015 in News 32 2015
N-49-05 Orbis PIN FR pallets get approval

Orbis PIN FR pallets get approval

Orbis Corp. reusable packing specialists have obtained Factory Mutual Insurance (FM) approval for non-halogen fire-retardant reusable pallets, an industry first, with a line of 18 different pallets, including HF RackoCell® able to edge-rack up to 2,200lbs (c. 1 metric ton).
Orbis states that the new PIN FR pallets enhance safety, health and environmental impact of supply chains, whilst ensuring material performance for customers.

Orbis is part of Menasha Corp., one of the USA’s oldest family-owned manufacturing companies and has a strong sustainability stewardship policy, including both life cycle assessment to compare reusable packaging with one-use, and monitoring of company resource consumption and waste production.

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