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N-50-02 GIMV – Ecochem PIN FR treatment of wood composite panels

GIMV – Ecochem PIN FR treatment of wood composite panels

EcoChem International (, a portfolio company of the GIMV Group Belgium, uses non halogen flame retardants to achieve fire safety performance in wood / timber products such as chipboard, MDF panels, OSB-boards and plywood. Applications include furniture, interior & exterior construction materials, used mainly in public buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. The PIN fire-protection products are added during the wood panel production process, and perform to achieve FR standards such as EN 13501 Class B/C or US ASTM E84 Class 1 / A.

Ecochem also offers a wide range of PIN flame retardants for natural thermal insulation materials, paper, cellulose, plastics and polymers, thermosets – resins, textiles and coatings and sealants. EcoChem recently joined the GIMV Group, a European investment company specialised in consumer innovation products, health & care, smart industries and sustainable cities. The group sees PIN FR fire safety as a “future orientated niche in speciality chemicals” within its Sustainable Cities platform.

Source MDF = medium density fibre. OSB = oriented strand boards.
“Gimv invests in specialty chemicals formulator EcoChem International”, 12 Nov. 2014 
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