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N-50-04 PIN flame retardant TPEs for transport applications

PIN flame retardant TPEs for transport applications

Müller Kunststoffe, part of HEXPOL TPE, the global thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounding group, has developed the Lifoflex® FLAM range of flame retardant TPE compounds. The Lifoflex FLAM 700 series fulfils the demanding flame retardant materials specifications and can be used for railroad applications (e.g. for profiles, cable grommets, connectors, electrical insulation).

DIN 5510-2-2009-05 and DIN EN 5659-2 testing results show conformity for rail applications (flammability S3, drip formation ST2, smoke formation SR2, fume toxicity FED (fractional effective dose) classification 0.14 at tzul 30 min). The Lifoflex FLAM TPE compounds are halogen and antimony oxide free, ensuring low corrosion and toxicity of gases in case of fire. Performance characteristics are flexibility, processing and adhesion to technical polymers and thermoplastics, with flame retardancy of UL 94 V0 at 3.0 and 1.5 mm.

“HEXPOL TPE presents high performance TPE solutions for essential industries at Fakuma 2014”  and Lifoflex® FLAM flame retardant TPE compounds specifications 
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