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N-50-06 Development perspectives for PIN FRs

Development perspectives for PIN FRs

An article in Kunstoffe Internationale summarises developments and R&D into flame retardants, emphasising the demand for “eco-friendly” fire safety solutions, with non-halogenated and polymeric FRs driving innovation. Flame retardant demand is expected to continue to grow 5% per year as a result of plastics growth and stricter safety requirements. The response will be products with a high safety standard, “especially halogen-free”. The majority of current research is in China (61%), followed by Japan and Korea.

The article particularly examines developments in the following: polyamides where 50% of formulations are expected PIN FR based in the future, polysters using phosphorus-based PIN FRs, polycarbonates using FR alternatives to bisphenol-A based substances (eg. TBBPA) and polyolefins with new low-loading PIN FR systems, polystyrene foam FR alternatives to HBCD, PIN FR epoxy resins for lightweight composites, reactive FRs for polyurethane foams. The author identifies lower FR loadings and toxicological safety as key development objectives, with oligomeric, polymeric and reactive FRs offering important potential.

“Eco-friendly fire prevention: new developments in flame retardants”, R. Pfaendner, Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability, in Kunstoffe Internaional 8/2014  or read online 
See also: “Are halogens really necessary”, A. Beard, Clariant, Kunstoffe International 2/2013 
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