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N-50-07 Fire retardant fibreglass cable support system

Fire retardant fibreglass cable support system

Oglaend Systems, Norway, has developed a non-halogenated flame retardant fibre-glass range of cable supports, ladders and trays. The FRP range offers lightweight and compact (flat) packaging for shipping and full compatibility with ETIN tubing clamps and SmartCleat fitting systems. Ladders conform to NEMA 20C. The system offers higher strength on a weight to weight ratio than steel supports, is impact, ultraviolet and corrosion resistant, and offers the advantage of being non-conductive and electro-magnetically transparent, improving electrical safety and performance.

The fibreglass system components offer fire safety performance tested to ASTM-E (class 1 & BS476 part 7 class I & II) and are self extinguishing to UL94 V-0 (under ASTM-D 635). The system products are rated Zero Halogen to IEC60754.

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