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N-50-08 NANOFRABS develops new PIN fire safety solutions for ABS

NANOFRABS develops new PIN fire safety solutions for ABS

The EU (FP7-SME) funded project NANOFRABS has demonstrated the synergies between nano-clay (MMT montmorillonite) or minerals (LDH layered double hydroxides) and PIN flame retardants (based on phosphorus and/or nitrogen) to provide fire protection for ABS polymer (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, which is widely used for its performance physical properties, in particular in the electric appliances sector). The modified fillers have shown to distribute well in the ABS polymer matrix and to offer high processing temperature stability.

Fire performance of UL94-V0 (3.2mm) and V2 (1.6mm) has been achieved by combining the fillers with an ammonium phosphate based PIN flame retardant (Exolit® AP 766), but FR loadings need to be optimised to avoid polymer performance issues.

NANOFRABS “Halogen Free Flame Retardant ABS nanocomposites for electric and electronic devices”, EU 7th Framework Programme SME project, 1st project report summary, 12/2014, European Commission R&D Information Service (CORDIS)  See also pinfa Newsletter n° 29
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