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N-51-02 Tracee Jackson cover story in International Environmentalist

Tracee Jackson cover story in International Environmentalist

pinfa member FRX Polymers have launched a series of blog videos: “The Life and Times of Tracee Jackson”, the story of the dynamic fictional CEO of a company coincidentally called FRX Polymers. Tracee introduces FRX Polymers’ Nofia flame retardant. “The best synthetics have Nofia” she says, using the example of synthetic hair.

Natural hair does not burn readily (because of P and N in its protein structure) whereas synthetic fibres are highly flammable. Nofia is a non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative, phosphorus-based PIN flame retardant. In 2014, FRX received the USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Environmental Merit Award for “making products that reduce risks to human health and reduce environmental damage” and for developing “safer alternatives to toxic, persistent brominated flame retardants, providing many industries with a safer solution for their product needs.” Tracee Jackson tells her contacts that “No one wants to think about their hair being on fire” and shows how non-FR synthetic hair burns violently whereas Nofia hair self-extinguishes.

The Life and Times of Tracee Jackson “What is good synthetic hair” 
“FRX Polymers Receives Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Award” 
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