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N-51-03 TCO Certified Displays 7 draft criteria

TCO Certified Displays 7 draft criteria

TCO, the health, environment and worker protection label, has published draft updated criteria for Flat Panel Displays (FPD Certified Displays 7), which is open for comments until 19th May. The criterial focus on “sustainability throughout the product life cycle” and target in particular buyers under the EU Public Purchasing Directive 2014.

The proposal ($A.6.4.2) excludes all halogenated flame retardants and halogenated plastics from plastic parts (parts > 25g), including LCD panels. PIN flame retardants are authorised, subject to having a GreenScreen assessment with benchmark 2 or higher (see pinfa Newsletter n° 41). This follows the TCO decision to authorise a number of PIN flame retardants in all IT product categories (see pinfa Newsletter n° 44).

TCO “Update – Criteria review, non-halogenated substances” 14/4/2014 
“TCO Certified Accepted Substances List” 16/4/2014 
“TCO Certified Displays 7. Draft open for comments. New Generation criteria draft out now!” 
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