Posted on 15/04/2015 in News 32 2015
N-51-08 Voltatex® 4080 impregnating resin

Voltatex® 4080 impregnating resin

Axalta Coating Systems recently announced the launch of a new halogen-free, flame retardant impregnating resin with outstanding flame retardance, Voltatex® 4080. This newly-developed material is specially designed for dry-type transformer application, and features excellent PIN flame retardant technology (LOI > 30, by UL94 combustion level test).

This secondary insulation material allows safer operation of the resulting electric device without risks of release of halogenated compounds in case of fire. The development of electrical insulation materials has been a strength of Axalta’s research and development. The continual evolution of Axalta’s product offering is the result of the on-going exchange of know-how with leading manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industry. 
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