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N-51-09 PTS and Eurostar offer PIN polyamide range

PTS and Eurostar offer PIN polyamide range

Polymer Technology & Services (PTS) has signed a collaboration agreement with Eurostar Engineering Plastics to design and manufacture Starflam flame retardant polyamides for the North America electronics, automobile and renewable energies markets.

Eurostar offer a wide range of Starflam ECO-FR, XGEN non-halogenated polyamides, offering high performance (impact, tight tolerance, elongation, modulus, comparative tracking index, relative temperature index) with flame retardancy in the V-2 to V-0 range at 0.4 mm and 5VB – 5VA, UL746C class F1. Transport range XGEN products achieve the DIN 5510 transportation standard. Applications for the Starflam PIN flame retardants include automobile, mass transport (metro, trains), electronics, photovoltaics and industry.

“Polymer Technology to manufacture and sell Eurostar plastic compounds”, October 2014 
“Starflam High Performance Halogen Free Polyamides” 
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