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N-51-12 SACO Polymers innovative tray cable jacketing

SACO Polymers innovative tray cable jacketing

SACO Polymers, a market leader in wire and cable polymer compound solutions, has presented a new high-performance LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) ceramifiable compound for tray cable jacketing. The technology uses an enhanced filler technology, using (inorganic) PIN flame retardants (magnesium or aluminium hydroxides) combined with synergists (char hardening additives), resulting in improved fire resistance, very low smoke (even with a halogen-containing core material), polymer compound compatibility and optimised cable properties (UL1277 tray cable standards achieved).

Minimum char length, near zero smoke and full scale vertical cable test pass were achieved under IEEE 1202/FT4. The new compound enables more flexible tray cable design, for example reduced jacket thickness, elimination of fire-resistant core wrapping tapes and flexible core design. The new material widens the range of highly fire resistant, non-halogenated materials offered by the SACO Group (SACO Polymers, SACO-Macromeric, Aurora, OH, AEI Compounds).

“SACO Polymers launches advanced technology zero-halogen tray cable jacketing compound with enhanced fire performance to meet UL 1277” 
“New Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tray Cable Jacket Materials designed for Balance of Cost, Performance and Enhanced Fire Resistance”, Z. Ztryczek & D. Roberts, 63rd IWCS Conference, Nov. 2014 
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