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N-51-13 Bio-sourced phosphorus ester PIN FRs

Bio-sourced phosphorus ester PIN FRs

Flame-retarding phosphorus esters were produced from bio-sourced raw materials: starch and castor oil. Isosorbide, derived from starch, and 10-undecenoic acid from castor oil were combined with phosphorus to produce four different complex phosphorus compounds.

Thermal degradation of these compounds was tested, showing release of phosphorus acid, a known char former in polymers enabling solid-phase fire protection. The phosphates showed easier phosphorus acid release than the phosphonate or phosphinate compounds.

“Thermal degradation of phosphorus esters derived from isosorbide and 10-undecenoic acid”, B. Howell & Y. Daniel, J Therm Anal Calorim (Springer), March 2015 
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