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N-52-09 FR Natural Rubber approved for London Underground

FR Natural Rubber approved for London Underground

A new flame retardant, natural rubber developed by TARRC has been approved for use, after six months’ successful testing by London Underground. The zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity “Natural-FR” rubber compound, developed by TARRC (Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, the Malaysian Rubber Board’s UK Research and Promotion Centre) is used by Entrance Matting Systems (EMS) Ltd, UK and offers sustainability advantages including no halogens and further a life cycle analysis of the polymer has indicated a negative carbon footprint.

The flooring application had to meet flammability requirements covering smoke density, smoke toxicity, heat release rate, flame spread, and dry and wet slip resistance. TARRC achieved this by modifying the natural rubber and using a flame retardant additive package. TARRC is also developing the product for technical applications such as railway vibration buffers, using a high-performance dynamic internal rubber with a flame retardant modified outer layer to ensure fire safety.

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