Posted on 15/05/2015 in News 32 2015
N-52-10 Natural magnesium minerals as PIN flame retardants

Natural magnesium minerals as PIN flame retardants

LKAB Minerals, an international minerals company, offers UltraCarb, a PIN flame retardant produced from natural magnesium minerals (hydromagnesite, a hydrated magnesium carbonate, and huntite, a magnesium calcium carbonate). The product range has recently been extended to include new, ultrafine and/or surface treated grades which optimise processing and performance.

LKAB Minerals’ PIN flame retardant products are used in a range of polymers, to contribute to fire safety, specifically for low smoke and char stabilization in a number of applications including cables, construction products, electrical and electronic equipment.

LKAB Minerals “Halogen-free FR filler for cables presented to US market” 
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