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N-52-12 NSF/ANSI 426 Environmental Leadership standard for servers

NSF/ANSI 426 Environmental Leadership standard for servers

NSF International (previously National Sanitation Foundation) has published draft “Environmental leadership” standards for computer servers and components. The proposed standards specify a reduction of bromine and chlorine content in plastic parts > 25g: where such parts contain > 1 000 ppm bromine or chlorine (3 000 ppm for postconsumer recycled plastics), then an alternatives assessment must be carried out and justified.

This is based on the chlorine and bromine thresholds specified in IEC 62474 Material declaration for products of and for the electrotechnical industry and would largely exclude the use of halogenated flame retardants in significant plastics parts, so inciting towards use of PIN fire safety solutions. NSF will vote on the proposal by ballot deadline 19th May 2015.

Draft New Standard – NSF/ANSI 426, issue 1, revision 1, Environmental Leadership Standards For Servers, published 17th April 2015, deadline for comments 19th May 2015 
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