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N-53-03 EU project develops innovative PIN FR wood composites

EU project develops innovative PIN FR wood composites

The EU-funded “Limowood” project has developed novel PIN flame retardant wood-plastic composites (WPC) offering innovative technical and moisture-resistance performance, enabling production by press technology of furniture and use in kitchens and bathrooms. The composites are made of approximately 50% wood and 50% thermoplastic (generally polypropylene). Recycled wood and recycled thermoplastic can be used. Fire safety is achieved using PIN flame retardant combinations (phosphorus and nitrogen based), achieving UL-94 V0.

LOI (limiting oxygen index) is 1,5 times higher than for untreated WPC and the Limowood product resists 3 minutes contact with a Bunsen burner without ignition. The Limowood material does not contain formaldehyde and offers quality aesthetic appearance and mechanical characteristics enabling glue or screw assembly of furniture. Its exceptional moisture resistance means that, unlike most wood products, it can be used in kitchen or bathroom fittings.

The Limowood project is led by Inspiralia (Spain), ITA (Spain) and Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI (Germany), in cooperation with industrial partners Javal S.L (Spain). Beologic n.v (Belgium), Holzwerk Baur Gmbh (Germany) and Societé Andre Bondet (France).
“Bringing wood to the bathroom”, Ecocomposites, 11th May 2015 
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