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Other News

NSF Environmental Leadership standard for computer servers: NSF has put to ballot a proposed update of Standard NSF 426 for servers. Deadline for comment was extended to 22 May. The proposal excludes chlorine and bromine at more than 1000 ppm in plastic parts > 25g, or an alternatives assessment is required.

Limits for POP brominated FRs in recycled products agreed: 11th May, Geneva, a UN meeting on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and hazardous wastes agreed limits of 1000 mg/kg for the brominated flame retardants HBCD, PentaBDE and OctaBDE (classed as POPs) in recycled products, higher than for many POPs which are limited to 50 mg/kg. The objective is to facilitate recycling.

Chemical Watch “Three substances banned under POPs convention: Difficult negotiations lead to series of fixes” 18/5/15

“Bio inspired” flame retardants: NIST (USA) has published videos showing testing on upholstered furniture of a number of “bio inspired” PIN flame retardants, based on materials such as seaweed gel (agar), potato starch, clay used as coatings. The best product tested (starch plus a boron product used in body deodorants) did not prevent foam from burning, but reduced peak heat release significantly (63%) and resulted in self-extinguishing after 9 minutes.

Petition to US CPSC: a petition from scientists, consumer associations and fire fighters is asking the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban any organohalogen flame retardant use in four categories of consumer products: children’s products, furniture, mattresses and the casings around electronics.

Press release  and petition 
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