Posted on 15/08/2015 in News 32 2015
Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) has acquire

Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) has acquired the patented Safire® phosphorus and nitrogen based PIN flame retardant technology from Floridienne Group and Catena Additives (100% subsidiary of Floridienne Group). The Safire® PIN FR range combines nitrogen with metals and phosphorus (e.g., melamine poly-metal phosphate, based on aluminium, zinc, magnesium for applications in various plastics; e.g., polyamines, PBT) to offer mechanical, electrical and fire safety performance. A key advantage is the reduced smoke opacity in case of fire, with also low smoke toxicity, both of which are important for enabling escape from fire.

The Safire® range adds to Huber’s current PIN fire safety technologies, including its wide range of alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide (MDH) and molybdate halogen-free flame retardants and smoke suppressants. The Safire® PIN flame retardants open up new market segment opportunities for HEM as their use can be applied to engineering thermoplastics, thermosets, coatings, nylon, PBT, PU and epoxies for applications such as electrical/electronic components and housings or intumescent paints. Huber’s objective “is to develop a full complement of halogen-free products that meet the most demanding fire retardant requirements our customers are facing.”

Huber is a member of pinfa-na (pinfa North America). 

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