Posted on 15/08/2015 in News 32 2015
Best practice guide for LSZH cables

ITRI Labs UK have published a 5-page “Best Practices” guide for LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) wire and cables. The guide summarises the development of zero or low halogen cables, the relation to low smoke, and the properties of these new cable products. Information includes: commonly used abbreviations, industry standards defining low smoke and defining low and zero halogen for wires and cables, non halogenated flame retardation methods, relevant fire testing, thermoset and thermoplastic polymers used, applications and performance aspects (flexibility, temperature tolerance, friction coefficient), sustainability.

The guide underlines that LSZH cables widely vary, depending on the polymer used, flame retardant solution and performance additives, so that careful selection for specific applications is important. The guide also emphasises the parameters which can make the use of low smoke cables important, including the relative mass of cables compared to other combustible materials, sensitivity of installations and the possible impact of smoke density on escape.

ITRI Labs UK “Low Smoke Zero Halogen wire and cable best practice” 

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