Posted on 15/08/2015 in News 32 2015
PIN fire-safe electrical conductive plastic

Premix offers PIN flame retardant electrically conductive polymers for specialist applications, including in ESD (electrostatic discharge) or ATEX (explosive atmospheres). PRE-ELEC® TP 14815 offers very low smoke density, self-extinguishing and UL94 V-0 fire performance and excellent mechanical and processing properties for injection molding and extrusion (processing up to 300°C without risk of corrosion).

Fire safety is based on the mineral PIN FR magnesium dihydroxide (MDH), which has no health or environmental risks. The polymer can be combined with many polypropylene or polyethylene polymers, for example to provide a conductive coating on plastic pipes or fittings in ATEX applications. Premix is the leading global specialist in electrically conductive plastics and other specialist applications, based in Finland, since 1983.

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