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BCC Flame Conference Stamford

The 26th BCC annual conference Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials, Stamford, USA, 17-20 May 2015, included nearly 50 science and industry presentations on new flame retardant technologies and markets.

Marcelo Hirschler (GBH) presented comprehensive updated evidence as to the beneficial impacts of flame retardants in increasing escape time, saving lives and improving fire fighter intervention (see pinfa Newsletter n°54 “Do flame retardants improve fire safety?”). Marcanne Green, BCC Research, indicated that the flame retardant market is expected to continue to grow over the coming five years, especially in plastics. In particular, there will be demand for fire safety solutions based on mineral PIN FRs (e.g. ATH aluminium tri hydrate) and phosphorus PIN FRs. Recycling is expected to become increasingly important in defining polymer and FR solutions. New investments will tend to make FRs “greener”. Research developments in PIN FRs presented included phosphonates, sulfonate-POSS, hydroxy functional organophosphorus oligomer, a one-pot water-based P+N FR solution for cottons (APP + melamine), bio-sourced lignin modified with TPP, silica-nickel-aluminium hydroxide FR with smoke reduction performance, DOPO + melamine synergy (PIN phosphorus + nitrogen), bio-based polyols with PIN phosphorus, as well as bio-based phosphorus FRs in epoxies

BCC 2015 conference abstracts 

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