Posted on 15/09/2015 in News 32 2015
PIN FR Nylon for solar electrical applications

Radici, Italy’s, new Radiflam® ARV250 HF 3003 Black PIN flame retardant 25% glass-reinforced Nylon 66 has been specially developed for solar photovoltaic power applications, such as supports and housings for DC/AC inverters. These applications involve large parts with good weathering, quality surface properties and minimal offgasing to protect electrical components.

The new product adds to Radici’s existing range of flame retardant thermoplastics and engineering plastics adapted to different applications and performance requirements, including the Radiflam® RV-FR products which use inorganic PIN flame retardants in polyamide 6 or 66 to achieve fire performance levels required for transport and railway applications and low smoke optical density and toxicity.

“Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost” 
Radici Radiflam® 

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