Posted on 23/12/2015 in News 32 2015
New silicon based PIN FRs for greener plastics

The final report has been published for the EU-funded (FP7) project FR GREENSI (New silicon-based halogen-free flame retardants for greener plastics). The project developed silicone derived FRs for polycarbonate and polyamide polymers which are widely used in many applications including medical equipment, electrical and electronic, transport, mechanical and industrial components …

PIN FRs for polycarbonate, based on a vinyl silane combined with a phosphorus functionality, were developed to achieve EN45545 railway fire performance standards including smoke density (VO4 to ISO-5659-2), and were tested by a major global polycarbonate producer. For polyamide (PA), UL94 V1 and V0 requirements were achieved (30% glass fibre reinforced PA) with a combination of a silane (silicon based), talc, zinc borate and melamine cyanurate (nitrogen based PIN FR).



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