Posted on 23/12/2015 in News 32 2015
UNEP Energy Globe Award for PIN flame retardants

Interiorproject Ltd has been awarded the Bulgarian national Energy Globe Award for its PIN flame retardants for porous polymers. The Energy Globe Awards are a World Environment Day initiative led by UNEP and UNESCO, which rewards outstanding sustainable and environmental best practice.

The Interiorproject PIN flame retardants combine phosphorus (phosphoric acid), nitrogen (urea, triethanolamine, ammonia) and mineral (silicon containing polydimethylsiloxane). They can be used, by brush, rolling or dipping, on porous materials including wood fibre based materials (such as paper and cardboard), leather, cellular or foamed polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. The Energy Globe Award website indicates that the PIN FRs help to protect polymers used in modern interiors from fire, stating that they are “halogen-free, non toxic, biodegradable and recyclable … sustainable products.” Specific formulations for different polymers enable self-extinguishing and low smoke. Fire and technical performance test results are presented in the published patent.

“Halogen-free flame retardant impregnation of porous polymers. National Energy Globe Award Bulgaria 2014” Ltd
US Patent n° 8,815,113

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