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Presafer new applications for PreniphorTM

Presafer has extended its PreniphorTM PIN flame retardant range with performance products for polypropylene and for epoxy resins. PreniphorTM EPFR-100D is a P-N (phosphorus and nitrogen) based flame retardant for polypropylene. The product is designed to provide an acid source, a gas source and a carbon source, so ensuring effective intumescent (surface charring) fire protection, enabling polypropylene to achieve UL94 V-0 (0.75 mm), GWIT 3mm 750°C and GWFI 3 mm 960°C fire performance. 

The product also ensures low smoke density, water resistance and low density, reduced mold corrosion and polypropylene material quality (tensile, elongation, flexural and impact strength).

Its high decomposition temperature offers processing advantages and ensures low foaming in extruders. PreniphorTM EPFR-APP224 and PreniphorTM EPFR-APP262 are the P-N based flame retardant for intumescent coating, textile coating and epoxy resin, offering stable viscosity, excellent weatherability and glossy finish, as well as low water solubility and low migration. Fire performance of UL94 V-0, NF P 93 501, DIN 4120, DIN5510, EN 13501-1-B, FMVSS 302 and BS 5852, can be achieved, as well as low corrosivity, low toxicity smoke emission, low viscosity, good dispersity and particle size distribution ensure processing compatibility.

100D –
APP224 –
APP262 –

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