Posted on 23/12/2015 in News 32 2015
Prysmian PIN FP Cables for Art’s sake

Over 5 km of Prysmian FP Plus PIN fire resistant cables have been installed in Edinburgh College of Art as part of a fire safety upgrade of two of the Edinburgh University’s Lauriston Campus buildings, including complete replacement of the fire alarm and installation of a voice evacuation system.

The University’s consulting engineer considers that FP PLUS is the highest performing fire resistant cable on the market. The FP PLUS cables use a PIN flame retardant “low-smoke zero-halogen” outer sheath, offering robust performance and flexibility. Contractor JG Mackintosh indicates that these characteristics make the Prysmian PIN FP cables easy to work and adaptable to the irregular shape of the Art College buildings. FP PLUS cables conform to BS5839 and BS5266-1 and are approved by BASEC and LPCB for fire safety applications.

IFP Magazine 10/2015 “For Art’s sake, it’s got to be Prysmian”



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