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Regulatory news

Consultation: ECHA (the European Chemical Agency) has opened a public consultation to 18th February 2016 on proposals to subject 11 additional chemicals to REACH “Authorisation”. This effectively bans sale or use of the chemical after a given date, except for possible specific authorisations.

The 11 chemicals are a phthalate, two boron compounds, two hydrophthalic anhydrides, lead compounds and trixylyl phosphate (an organophosphate ester used in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and as a flame retardant in plastics).
“ECHA consults on 11 substances to be proposed for authorisation”, ECHA/PR/15/15, 18th November 2015

Arc fault circuit breakers: Fire fighters and burn victims have successfully opposed a proposal in Alabama to remove from home building codes the requirement for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. These are devices which respond to electrical failures beyond the functional level of standard circuit breakers, which can prevent fire causing electrical incidents. Similarly in North Carolina, discussions are underway to prevent adoption of the 2014 National Electrical Code ® NEC® which extends application of arc fault circuit interrupters into kitchens and laundry areas. The installation cost of this fire and electrical protection is estimated at US$300 per home.

“Safe Home Alabama” (NFPA70) NFPA Journal November/December 2015




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