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UK to prescribe fire safety for children’s costumes

Following action from MP Ann Main, the UK government has announced that regulations will be introduced to require all children’s fancy dress costumes to be flame-retardant. The announcement by Chancellor George Osborne, December 2015, follows decisions already announced by several UK retail chains to require fire-safety for dress costumes in their shops and media coverage of burns suffered by the daughter of Strictly Come Dancing host, Claudia Winkleman, after a Halloween costume brushed against a candle (see pinfa Newsletter 53).

MP Ann Main says that the proposed legislation is needed to improve fire resistance and labelling requirements and that although a multi-billion-pound industry had grown around supplying children’s fancy dress and play costumes: “our children are less protected than if they were wearing nightwear … In the United States, a child’s dress-up garment offers a much higher level of protection: it must not catch fire for at least 3.5 seconds after exposure to a flame.” She quoted the British Retail Consortium, which warned that the currently applicable flammability test EN71-2 was no longer fit for purpose.

“The Prime Minister has been urged to support a bill championed by St Albans MP Anne Main, aimed at preventing children’s clothing from catching alight.” 21/12/2015
“All children’s fancy dress costumes to be flame-retardant”, Toy World Magazine, 11/12/2015




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