Posted on 04/02/2016 in News 32 2016

Claudia Fath, VELOX, a world leader in plastic additive distribution and marketing, outlined for the pinfa Newsletter the trends she sees in flame retardancy.

The FR market is driven by regulation, and the new CPR (Construction Products Regulation) and railway standards (EN 45545) in Europe oblige to achieve lower heat release and lower smoke emissions, which PIN flame retardants can ensure.

Polymer producers, compounders and equipment manufacturers are looking for “greener” solutions which are cost-effective and efficient. Strong development can be expected in various PIN FR markets. Clays offer interesting properties in improving char characteristics, in synergy with other PIN FRs, and can be naturally sourced (processed mined minerals).

Polymeric phosphorus FRs (such as FRX Nofia® see pinfa Newsletter 57) can offer high performance (maintain polymer properties) and good health and environmental profiles. Training of compounders is essential, because the application concept of polymer PIN FRs is not like traditional additives. Challenges for PIN FR development include addressing the dilemma of combining durability (long-lasting product performance and recycling potential) with biodegradability and non-persistence in the environment.

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