Posted on 04/02/2016 in News 32 2016
Polymer Dynamix,

Viggy Mehta, Polymer Dynamix, presented the company’s silicone based DynaSil™ FR synergist which is effective with PIN flame retardants such as metal hydrates, metal phosphinates, and other phosphorous nitrogen based FRs. The products can also be used to reduce or eliminate antimony trioxide in tradition halogen FR systems. DynaSil™ offers the advantage of behaving like a liquid under shear which leads to improved polymer flow during compounding and post extrusion or injection molding.

During a fire, the liquid-like nature of DynaSil™ leads to rapid formation of a crack-free ceramic char layer which reflects the heat during a fire and reduces smoke and flame spread during a fire and can also prevent re-ignition during multiple flame applications in a fire test. In other conditions, the material acts like a solid which does not bloom or migrate. DynaSil™ offers a good environmental profile and very low toxicity.

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