Posted on 04/02/2016 in News 32 2016

Marc Leifer, ICL, presented the company’s SAFRTM methodology, which classifies flame retardants/applications according to a 2-way matrix of hazards (as identified by REACH and GHS, including breakdown products), and exposure to humans and the environment during the use phase. As a structured methodology, SAFRTM provides the entire value chain with an application-oriented tool for flame retardants selection.

 Reactive flame retardants and polymeric flame retardants offer low leaching (not water extractable), low blooming (no migration into air) and low bioaccumulation potential. ICL’s brominated polymeric FRs conform to OECD “polymers of low concern” classification.

Although SAFRTM doesn’t address specifically stewardship during downstream use, this is covered by the company’s VECAP programme.

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