Posted on 08/03/2016 in News 32 2016
Huber invests in mineral PIN FRs in Europe

On February 1, 2016, pinfa-na (pinfa North America) member company Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) acquired the Martinswerk mineral PIN flame retardant business from Albemarle Corporation. The transaction includes Martinwerk’s production site in Bergheim, Germany, more than 470 staff and product lines including the PIN FRs Martinal® aluminium trihydrate and Magnifin® magnesium hydroxide.

Huber has 34 years’ experience in flame retardants and smoke suppressants and since 2010 has widened its offer with acquisition of Kemgard® (mineral PIN FRs) from Sherwin-Williams, speciality hydrates from Almatis and Safire® (N and P PIN FRs) from Floridienne Group/Catena Additives. The Martinswerk acquisition strengthens Huber as a global business in fire safety. HEM (Huber Engineered Materials) offers speciality ingredients for industrial, paper and consumer applications, and is part of J. M. Huber Corporation, founded in 1883 and today one of the USA’s largest family-owned businesses, with a portfolio of companies focused around engineered materials.

Press release: “Huber officially acquires Martinswerk business from Albemarle Corporation”, 1 February 2015


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