Posted on 08/03/2016 in News 32 2016
“Bottoms in danger” say media

Electric bidets, including heating and power washing, are increasingly popular in Asia. Nearly 70% of Japanese households are equipped and sales growth in China is 20-30% per year. However, a China government investigation of 45 companies shows that 40% of products include inadequate or no flame retardants, leading to fire risks when overloaded. The bidets include features such as massage sprays, automatic deodorisation, electric flush and automatic opening and closing lids.

Major fire incidents starting in bidets have been reported every year since 2012. Already in 2007, Japan’s leading toilet maker, recalled 180 000 ‘Toto Z’ bidets after several caught fire. The Japanese manufacturer INAX Corp also took action in 2009 after one of their toilet seats caught fire, warning against fire risks related to power surges or improper use.

“Bidets may catch fire, Japanese toilet maker says”, USA Today 16/4/2007 “Japan in hot seat over risks of toilet fires” 3/2/2009 “Bottoms in Danger: 40% of Chinese Bidets Could Cause Burns”, Korea Bizwire 20/1/2016

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