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Alexium PIN FR successes

Alexium International’s new innovative PIN flame retardant process for textiles uses organosilicon coatings, which combine inorganic and organic functionalities in one molecule for durable (wash resistant) fire safety treatment (see pinfa Newsletters 17 and 26).
The process is adapted to nylon, wool, cotton and other fabrics.

This year Alexium’s AlexiflamTM has now moved to full scale production with orders from multiple major US bedding companies, producing fire safety treated mattress covers for the US retail market and applications in the home furnishing market. Alexium has been selected by Murdock Webbing to ensure fire safety for its range of straps and webbing in applications including: the building industry, health care, transportation and military strapping. Alexium has also been selected in stage two of the US Army Soldier Systems Center’s Green Initiative project to develop a new flame retardant uniform fabric for the US Army (50/50 NYCO nylon/cotton). The company is also testing its product with a customer in the European automobile sector looking for environmentally-friendly solutions for fire safety for high quality textiles.

“US Department of Defense (DoD) selects Alexium as Key Partner for New Fire Retadant Uniform Fabric”, 26/10/2015
“Murdock Webbing Announces Alexium as New Provider of Flame Retardant (FR) Chemistry” 8/9/2015
“Alexium Receives Purchase Order for Scale Up Production Trial from New Client in European Transportation Sector”, 1/6/2015
“First full large scale production order for AlexiflamTM chemistry received from major bedding customer” 14/9/15
Photo: Alexiflam Finished Uniforms

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