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General Plastics aircraft rigid PUR foam

Last-a-Foam® FR-3800 is General Plastics’ new PIN flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam compliant with fire-safety, smoke toxicity and corrosivity requirements for aircraft interiors. This is the first non-halogenated polyurethane foam to meet the FAA Federal Aviation Authority FST (Flammability, Smoke and Toxicity) standard and the OSU Ohio State University 65/65 heat release standard. General Plastics offers custom moulded parts production to improve aircraft interior functionalities and aesthetics.

General Plastics operate their own sampling and testing facilities, to guarantee both fire safety performance and foam characteristics. Last-a-Foam rigid, PIN flame retarded, polyurethane based foam is available in 3 to 40 pounds per cubic foot (48 – 640 kg/m3) densities. The foam is self-extinguishing and self-skinning, suitable for a variety of aircraft interior applications including in sandwich and composite panels, edges and corners, seals, rest pads and flight deck components. The foam offers significant weight advantages compared to metallic parts, and price and application advantages compared to honeycomb composite core materials, with ease of bonding, possibility to produce complex shapes, closed cell and isotropic structure

26th October 2015 “General Plastics to Highlight FR-3800 FST Aerospace Foam Core Series at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas, Nov 4-5, 2015. Leading high-density polyurethane foam supplier also featuring its FAA-certified testing and build-to-print capabilities”,
Blog “Taking Flight: The Next Generation of Composite Core Material for Aircraft Interiors”

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