Posted on 21/03/2016 in News 32 2016
Fire safe kid’s clothes at 1° Vision fashion show

In February, the leading British textile manufacturer, Heathcote Fabrics, launched a new range of flame retardant dress fabrics at the Première Vision Fabrics show in Paris in February, in response for demand for fire-safe children’s dressing-up and play costumes. The Heathcote 1808 Flare-Free nets, tulles and costume fabrics are conform to EN71 part2, and offer better fire protection than the nightwear standard BS5722.

A demonstration video shows a typical child’s tutu going up in fire seconds after contact with a candle flame, whereas the Flare-Free fabric does not burn. Heathcote states “There is a definite need for more stringent controls over flame spread. The Federation of British Retailers has proposed recommendations to modify EN71, but it would be good to see more stringent legislation specifically relating to apparel, similar to BS5722.

Heathcoat Fabrics launches new flame retardant range at Première Vision Fabrics” 17/2/2016
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