Posted on 21/03/2016 in News 32 2016
PIN FRs for recycled insulation material

Interiorproject Ltd’s PIN flame retardants are used to ensure fire safety of sustainable building thermal insulation material. The insulation material, made of recycled textiles and textile wastes, was developed by scientists working with Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria and Habitat Social Business Solutions Ltd to allow people of lower-income levels access to affordable energy-saving solutions. The product won the Grand Innovation Prize awarded by the Bulgarian Union of Inventors in November 2015.

The insulation material achieves Class C fire performance under EN13823:2011 and has already been applied in a number of stand-alone houses, built by Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria for social housing purposes. Interiorproject’s PIN FRs (see pinfa Newsletter n° 58) combine P (phosphoric acid), N (urea, triethanolamine, ammonia) and I (inorganic = silicon in polydimethylsiloxane) and can be applied to a range of porous materials including textiles, wood, leather, cellular and some foamed polymers.

Photo: volunteers install the thermal insulation prototypes in the attics of Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria’s houses

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