Posted on 21/03/2016 in News 32 2016
PIN fire safety treatment for wood

Wood is a renewable sourced material for furniture and construction, but poses fire risks because “it is easily combustible, and when a fire occurs, the convection heat and radiant heat discharge decomposition gas over a long period”. PIN fire safety treatments are widely used, and research continues to improve the low hazard, low smoke, low corrosive gases and heat resistance performance of PIN solutions.

In this research, a combination of phosphorus and nitrogen PIN FRs based on piperazine, phosphonic and pyrophosphoric acids, were tested for fire retardancy on pine wood, using simple aqueous paint-on application. Time to peak heat release was more than doubled and effective heat of combustion reduced by nearly 20% for the optimal PIN FR combination tested.

“Combustion characteristics of Pinus rigida specimens treated with 3 mixed phosphorus–nitrogen additives”, E. Jin et al., Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2016

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