Posted on 21/03/2016 in News 32 2016
PFRs absent from most dust around new furniture

Dust collected from eleven student houses (Vasar Campus, New York), five furnished with old upholstered furniture (probably conform to TB117 fire safety standard) and six after replacement with new furniture conform to TB133, a more demanding fire safety requirement, following New York State regulations for fire safety in college accommodation. In dust around the old furniture, TDCIPP was found in 12 out of 20 samples, TCEP in just one sample and TPHP in 11 samples.

Around the new furniture, TDCIPP and TCEP were not found in any of 29 samples, and TPHP was found in only 5 out of 29 samples. The conclusion is that the replacement of older furniture (by new flame retarded furniture) reduces TDCIPP and TCEP concentrations and may potentially reduce total phosphorus FR concentrations levels in dust.

“Organophosphate flame retardants in household dust before and after introduction of new furniture”, A. Keimowitz et al., Chemosphere 148 (2016) 467-472

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